Podio Beta

Stargate365 Webhooks 

Integrate Podio with Stargate365 Webhooks

What is Podio?

Podio is a cloud-based collaboration service that was founded in 2009 and acquired by Citrix in 2012. Podio supplies a web-based platform for organizing team communication, business processes, data and content in project management workspaces.

What is Stargate365 Webhooks?

A Stargate365 Webhook is a way for an app to give other apps information in real-time. Data is delivered as it happens which means you immediately get the data. Small pieces of information e.g. name, surname and company can be forwarded in different combinations and information can be added during the forwarding process.%13%10

How to set the workflow up

  • Select Podio as your trigger app and select an event
  • Select Stargate365 Webhooks as your action app and select an event
  • Map the fields from Podio to Stargate365 Webhooks by using drag-and-drop
  • Save and test your workflow
  • Switch on your workflow

Some integrations