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There is no extra charge for premium apps

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Instantly follow up on Facebook Lead Ads and act while the lead is hot!

In general, the longer you wait to follow up with a new lead, the less likely that lead is to convert or become a customer later. For example, one response management study of web-generated leads found that a lead who was contacted five minutes after submission is 21 times more likely to turn into a qualified lead than if contacted 30 minutes after submission
[source:; 2009].
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What is a Webhook?

A webhook is a way for an app to transfer information to other apps in real-time.

A typical use for a webhook is to be notified when someone completes a Facebook lead ad. The potential client's information can be moved immediately and automatically to email, a spreadsheet, a database, CRM program or other apps.

What is a Stargate365 Emailhook?

A Stargate365 emailhook is a way for an app to transfer information to other apps in real-time using email.

Stargate365 connects with a client's Gmail or Outlook email account and extracts information from the email that landed in a specified "trigger" folder. The information is then transferred to the final destination which can be a spreadsheet, database, crm program, etc.

A typical use for a emailhook is to be notified when a sale notification lands in your inbox and the client's information is transfered to a CRM program.


Additional information, e.g. name, surname and company, notes, etc., can be added to the information during the transfer process with both types of hooks.

How Stargate365 works
with Facebook Lead Ads as an example


Stargate365 can then also send a customized message to one or more of several action apps below


Google Calender

Google Sheets


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft SQL Server











Why should you choose Stargate365


Super easy to use

Stargate365 is very easy to set up and to use. You do not need to be a programmer to use it. Most functions are automatic, e.g. Recognizing and parsing fields from emails in your Gmail or Outlook account.


There is no need to send your trigger emails to some obscure email address like - just have your trigger emails sent to your own Gmail or Outlook account....

Super affordable

Both the free and the standard editions allow you to top up your workflow credits. Top up credits are $5 for 100 credits. Monthly subscriptions start at $6.50 per month.

No premium apps
All integration apps can be used in both the free and standard editions. There is no extra charge for “premium” Apps like Facebook Lead Ads, Salesforce or any other app.
Can send data to databases

Stargate365 can now send info to major databases e.g. Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB.

Very Fast

All triggers and actions happen in real-time, except for Gmail which is polled every 5 minutes. There is no extra charge for real-time triggers.

Auto-extract info from email

Information from transaction emails (orders, sales notifications, sign-ups, etc.) ...

Retrieve data from major apps

Stargate365 can retrieve data from major apps like Facebook Lead Ads, Shopify, Gmail and Outlook.

No software to install

Stargate365 is a cloud-based app, which means we take care of all the software upgrades for you.

Works with most browsers

Stargate365 works on most of the current browsers like Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera and Firefox.

Works on most devices

Stargate365 works on most computers, laptops, tablets, and smart-phones running Windows, IOS, Android, etc. Yes, Stargate365 is responsive as well.

New end-user wizard coming up!

We are constantly adding more apps and are working on an easy-to-use end-user wizard where you can connect your own app to Stargate365.


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